Life Lately & The Happy List Vol. 2 | Jan-Feb in Retrospect

Hello Kindred Spirits! I know I’ve been completely MIA here on my blog for the past few weeks. Everything’s just been real busy; life-in-general sense. But today, I decided to sit down for a while; and write about what’s been going on with my life, and what has made me all-smiles.

To start off, a few months ago, I was recruited by the KASAMA (Kabataan para sa Sambayanang Makatarungan) party of our school to run as House Representative for the College of Engineering. 🙂 I became friends with people from different colleges. We may be diverse, but we sort of just clicked and somehow got along really good. Since December, we’ve been a tight-knit group. I admit that at first I wasn’t as dedicated as everyone else, but through the course of two months, I gradually realized how important this election was for them (and to me). The KASAMA people became my newfound family in school. They are these wonderful, hard-working and just plain AMAZING individuals who will double their efforts for your sake and laugh with you despite all the stress you’re facing.

As eventful as it sounds, life on our end has pretty much looked this way:

1. Sunday meetings.

We met almost every Sunday to talk about the election and plan out our campaign. This has been one of my lapses as a candidate because I usually don’t show up. Haha! I mean seriously, in my defense why should it be on a Sunday, anyway? It’s the only time anybody ever gets a day-off. 😭 But yeah, I understood the situation and did my best to be there with less complaints. Though honestly, it mostly comprises of us having laugh and food trips. We never really accomplished even fifty percent of our agendas, which resulted to us having to work twice as hard during weekdays. Don’t think that we were lazy or anything. We were just heating things up. Nonetheless, it was all worth it.

2. School meetings.

We basically self-proclaimed a certain area in school to be our headquarters. It wasn’t really until two weeks before the election that I joined in. I’m ashamed to admit that I really did rather take the long way around the building just to avoid our booth. Not because I was being irresponsible, but I was just really shy to talk to anyone at the time. Eventually I had to come out of my shell, and soon found myself going to our booth even when there wasn’t a need only ’cause I just enjoyed their company.

3. Shoots.

Video and photo shoots for our campaign. But of course, these things aren’t a big deal to me. I’m not camera-shy anyway, and am going to be a PBB Big Winner after all. Haha! So it’s nice to have some practice (walang basagan ng trip). To my KASAMA family, I give you permission to my sell those photos of me to the press once I’ve ascended to my PBB throne! 😂

4. Practice.

This was the first time in my whole life that I’ve ever gone home so late. I had to wake up early every morning and do extra chores just to compensate from my overtime in school.
The team and I worked really hard for this election, and sacrificed a lot of me-time and sleep hours. Some of us even have to get home to really far places. I personally loved all our practice sessions. We stayed dedicated, at the same time had so much fun with each other (here’s to Rica’s “andzam na ang entabladow” speech). 😂

5. Campaign period.

For the entire week since Monday, we were excused from all our classes because we had to campaign for our party. Our slogan for this election was #BetterThanBest and #MakeAMark. Throughout the whole period, students would approach us and say “Maka #MakeAMark ba? Maka #MakeAMark!” while doing our signature checkmark gesture. It was very flattering to have so many people support us. And I don’t think we deserved less and otherwise, because we have the kindest, most supportive, selfless and industrious triumvirates, alumni and running-President. We owed it to them to make this a WIN. These people have went through such great lengths and stretched their patience to optimum level. We were also greatly moved by how welcoming classes were whenever we knocked on the door to campaign. With our feasible platforms that were made from the needs of the students and the way we delivered our points, it’s safe to say that almost everyone I know loved what we had to offer.


Of course, we can’t have everything. To say that we had no problems would be tantamount to a blasphemy. We may have had such a great time together, but it wasn’t without misunderstandings and challenges. But I do believe that that was what molded us into better people and it made us a stronger team. We shared a lot of differences but once we’ve made compromises to look past that and some we even overcame,  we were able to give this election our all. 

1. WE WON!

After years that the KASAMA party faced defeat, we finally won by a seventy-three percent landslide from our own numbers. The election was held last Friday, February 17, 2017. The school will not miss its chance to be served with the #BetterThanBest service they deserve. The whole studentry earned themselves servant-leaders who let their actions speak louder than words!

Despite all the complaints and trash-talk people came to throw at us, we made it through. Now a new journey to prove ourselves worthy of the votes we garnered begins. We were only congratulated by half, because the real challenge is when we all come to sit at the Congress. And we promise to give it our best, and never to let anyone down.

I would like to thank KASAMA for giving me this experience. For earning me a new family. We are not just a political party, we are FAMILY. ALL CAPS. To Mark, Jen, Rigel, Michael and Carlo, good luck! You have the highest seats and you have difficult roles to fulfill. But always know that we are here to support you. Be leaders who listen and serve. I know you won’t let us down. To my fellow HR’s, Ever, Reginald, Joy, Louie, Isaac, Justine, Ryk, Clark, Adrian, Emman, Rica, Ansylle and Ivan, let us help each other and may we never forget what we promised during the campaign period. Some of us may have not made the position, but that doesn’t mean we lost. To Dave, Angelo, Stephen and Kitty, you are winners! God has more plans for you. I love you all. 💙

Kuya Nel, Pia (Head of Away Committee), Therese, Bern, Cassey, Ivan, Kendrick, Eloisa, Dar, Chao, Vanessa, and ALL the alumni who supported us… THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I would also like to congratulate my fellow candidates from the other party. They exerted just as much effort as we did, and I wish you all the best! 

To our antagonistic contenders, I thank you despite all the negativity you’ve dawned upon us. You are the very reason we are driven forward. I am grateful for your unkind words, for they motivate us to prove you wrong. May you be at peace with the majority’s decision, and cooperate with making the school prosper. To serve is our goal, after all.

Be humble in victory, and gracious in defeat.

To the whole Josenian populace, thank you for trusting KASAMA. We will show you how worthy we are of your votes. You made no mistake when you decided to #MakeAMark with us. The people with me are ever so committed to our unwavering passion to serve you. This congress will surely be #BetterThanBest.

It may have been exhausting, but I am glad I took this challenge. We may have been the minority, but right now we STAND. As we will forevermore.

Meet my KASAMA family…


This is me with our President, Mark Romas

Jennywel, Vice-President

Rigel, Secretary

Michael, Treasurer

John Carlo, Auditor

College of Arts and Sciences, House Representatives:

Dave, the fairest of them all

Tantarantantan, Ivan Rey Tan

Ansylle 💙

“Andzam na ang entabladow,” says Rica

Angelo 💙

College of Commerce, House Representatives:


Adrian, my ticket to PBB

JUSTINE-time, Justine

The person who will never leave you, and will always be at your RYK side, Ryk

On-na-On, Isaac Alfon

College of Information, Computer and Communications Technology:

Dandandan Dalandan, Sarap ng Real; Stephen Real

Wrong nana Sis, Emman Sisnorio

Cutie Kitty

College of Engineering:

Ever Forever

Brother Louie Louie Louie

Joy, Joy, Joy, Shout for Joy!

Gene the Gene-uine, Gene-rous, and Gene-ius of the College of En-Gene-ering

Meet the rest of our fun crew: 💙💙💙

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8 thoughts on “Life Lately & The Happy List Vol. 2 | Jan-Feb in Retrospect

  1. Eena

    Congrats on winning the election! Also, you go to USJR? I never went there but my uncle did!! BISAYA PUD KO! Hehehehe

    cabin twenty-four


    1. Alyssa Molina

      Hi Eena! Thank you so much! Hahaha. Yes, I go to USJ-R. 😄 People who aren’t quite familiar with Cebu may not heard of it, because USC is more known to others. I love your blog, OMG! You’ve earned me as your reader. How are things in CA? You take care! 🙂


  2. Andi

    Congratulations! I miss schooling but i don’t want to go back hahaha. I miss my friends and the old days. But life goes on, you should treasure each moment and make it one of the best experiences in life. 🙂


    1. Alyssa Molina

      Thank you, Andi! It doesn’t matter whether you go back or not, as long as you’re happy with your choices and where you are now in life. Friends can be found and made anywhere! <3 God bless always! :*


  3. Jhanz

    Congrats on winning the elections! Just like Alissa, this post just reminded me of my younger days. Eeek!


    1. Alyssa Molina

      Thank you, Jhanz! Nothing can ever compare to school years. 🙂


  4. Alissa

    This post made me reminisce my life as a student. Keep doing what you do. 🙂


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