5 Facts About Me

Besides stating the obvious (and by that I mean the things I’ve already mentioned in my bio), there’s still a lot more about me that most people don’t know. I’m not really the open-book type, and I like to keep personal things private. I don’t disclose too much information about myself to just anyone, even to close friends. It doesn’t have anything to do with trust issues or anything of that sort. I guess, it’s simply just my personality, and that’s the way it is.

But of course, I am a woman. And they say a woman’s mind changes faster than they can change clothes. So I wanna document and share some current facts about me that I’d be able to look back on few years from now and be like, “Whoa really? Was I really like that?” So anyway, facts, facts, facts:

  1. My favorite color is peach. This is something that’s unlikely to change, though. I’ve always liked this color ever since. Clearly, you can see that too as my blog is painted with it all over! There’s just a saying something in it. It isn’t really too bright, and not necessarily a general girly color. It’s simple, yet a classy coral blend of the right hues of white, red and orange/pink.
  2. I wasn’t always a bookworm. Growing up, I never really remember liking books, or reading for that matter. It was only in 2007, when I was nine years old, that I’ve started reading “I-Wonder-Why’s” occasionally. But my real memory of the first book I’ve finished was in freshman year of high school. And that’s when it started I guess. Because ever since then, I just couldn’t stop hoarding every piece of literature I can get my hands on, and peruse every printed word on every slate. I do sometimes regret not reading as much when I was a kid. No matter, right? It’s water under the bridge now. So moving on…
  3. I’m very sentimental. People say I took after my mom. She loves keeping old things (e.g. photographs, letters, gifts, china, etc.). And I do too, I even have a treasure box where I keep all kinds of mementos from high school. You’d be surprise what’s in there! It’s safe to say that I’m old-school, born on the digital era but stuck with the traditional ink-and-quill. Is that such a bad thing?
  4. I have my own weird identity. I’ve still yet to find the people (besides family and a few friends) that I can actually relate to. No matter how hard I try, and force myself to, I can never really “go with the trend.”  So sometimes I feel like a fish so out of water. Don’t get me wrong, I can jam with anyone my age, and fit in with their crowds if need be. I just don’t see why the stereotype demands me to. I do not see any relevance about making “Y.O.L.O.” a pathetic excuse for underage drinking and partying, teenagers ranting on social media about their problems, or posting racy pictures to get attention, or just being “goals.” Because somehow, my goals are different: it’s to graduate college with excellence, and do something to actually help the world; not getting a thousand FB likes.*
  5. I like to spoil my younger siblings. I’m guilty of this on all trials. I can only imagine how lucky these munchkins are once I’ve earned a five-digit income. They’re just irresistible, and as long as their requests are mundane, I can never say no. Thank God for parents! That way I can’t over-spoil them because my mom and dad finally intervenes.

That’s it for now! There’s really plenty more stuff about me I’d love to share, but the world isn’t ending anytime soon, I’m still eighteen and you’re still probably sitting there with nothing else to do. Haha, so yeah. You’d hear more from me when I don’t have The Book Thief on pending. Thanks for reading! 🙂

*No offense meant. My blog, my rules.

More about Alyssa Molina

A 19-year old bibliophile who sees the glass half full, and sails strange seas.

4 thoughts on “5 Facts About Me

  1. Augustin Ra

    When people ask me what’s my favorite color, I couldn’t tell them a particular color because my fave color may depend on my mood. There are days which I love pastel colors because for me, it reflects a positive thing and shows how girly a person can be. While other days, I only opt for black and white even though they aren’t really called as ‘colors’. Haha! 😀


    1. Alyssa Molina

      Yes, I know a lot of people whose fave color is mood-dependent. I always just say black/white to some because SURPRISINGLY they’ve never heard of “peach” before! Seriously! And it’s so hard trying to explain that such a color exists! I think peach is a color that reflects me in every way as far as my personality goes 🙂


  2. Kai

    I like keeping memories, too! I always have to make sure every letters i receive or anything sentimental to me, I keep it on a box and try to preserve it so someday, I may look back at it! 🙂 I was a bookworm before but right now it seems i lost interest reading books again.


    1. Alyssa Molina

      Yeah, sometimes it’s even embarrassing reminiscing some memories! XD I think you should read again if time permits it. I can suggest some books that you might like, but they’re not really novels or anything. More on self-help and inspirational books! 🙂


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