PICE Acquaintance Party 2016

Last week, our department held its annual Acquaintance Party in the Pacific Cebu Resort. This was the second time I attended it; my first was last August 2014. To be honest, I didn’t really plan on going this year. For one thing, it costs much. Second, it was held in a resort, and I made it absolutely no secret of my distaste in pools. It is my strong opinion that you’re basically just swimming in your own and other people’s dirt when you’re in one. No matter how much people tell me that it’s clean, I refuse to relent. Third, the theme and attire was to be Bohemian, so I was like, “Where the heck am I gonna find a Bohemian ensemble?” Luckily, anything that’s lace worn with confidence, of course, can be pulled off as Bohemian. And lastly, since I am an irregular student, I don’t really know the third-year block that much and I was anxious that I would just feel out of place… so joining was probably the last thing I wanted to spend my Saturday on. But since our Surveying instructor said that he’d be giving corresponding points in exchange of us not being able to do our laboratory work… attendance was thus required. So I went.

(This was my outfit. And yes, I am well aware that it looks as though I didn’t give it my best effort)

I woke up very early that day because the assembly time was at 5-6 AM in our main campus. The bus would take us from there to the venue. Despite having to sit in the bus with someone I barely knew, I didn’t really mind the entire drive at all because a.) I love road trips; b.) I had the window-seat; and c.) the radio had great music played! And traffic wasn’t that bad, either, since it was still the break of daylight. We were the first batch to arrive at the resort so we basked in the sunlight and went about taking pictures.


(This is me and Djandha, we were the ones so worked up on doing a photoshoot)




(Nancy and I)


(Among the first ones to arrive: Djandha, Trisha, Denn, Vhea, Me, and Nancy)




(This was before I put on some lipstick. Haha. Also, I forgot to tell Nancy I was taking a pic)

(This guy here, Enricke, is my classmate in three classes this semester. He always makes us laugh in Programming because he sings a lot. Haha. Denn and I hoarded his phone almost the entire morning before the activities started )


(Roy, Djandha, Denn, Nancy, Trisha and Me)




It wasn’t until 10 AM that almost everyone arrived already and was settled in. So the activities began. Surprisingly enough, I had a marvelous time! It was fun; we were grouped with other students from different year-levels, and had to work as a team in winning The Amazing Race, or at least that’s what I think it was called. I forgot. Haha. Our team won three out of five games. The first game we won was somewhat like Pass the Message, but we placed straws in our mouths and passed along a rubber band in it. We had to finish passing it along before the other team. The second one required us to tuck in a balloon between our knees, hold hands with a partner, and walk together towards a chair, go around it and back to the other teammates. Then we had to pass the balloon to their knees, and they would do the same until everyone was done. We had to do this without using our hands and without dropping the balloon. Can you picture it? Haha. It sounds ridiculous, I know. The last game was lying on our stomachs in the sand in a neat row, and the first person had to roll over everyone’s backs until he reaches the other end. Then the second person would do it, then the third, well you get the gist. The team had to finish rolling neatly in just five minutes! I had sand all over my body after this. Another game we played was Charades, but our time was up during the last guess, so we lost it. It’s a pity we didn’t get to take pictures during the game, we were so wrapped up in winning and guarding our prizes!

(Obligatory selfies)




(Most of my Surveying groupmates: Nancy, Vhea, Karyl, Denn, Me, Trisha and Djandha)


Since most of us didn’t have breakfast before we got there, you can expect how starving we all were by then. No pictures of the buffet, either. Lol! When you’re that hungry, you could never think of grabbing your phones just to take pictures of your food. Not that I even had one! XD But you can just take my word for it that the food was great! It was totally worth the money we paid it for. The viands included lechon, carbonara, lumpia, fish fillet, pansit and leche flan. I probably ate more that day than I have in my entire life! Just kidding.

(Here are some random photos which I no longer remember if we took it before or after our meal XD)








After lunch, I waited for thirty minutes before changing into my swim-apparel. Of course, I didn’t dip even a toe in the pool. I went straight to the beach. Because, ugh, I miss Bohol so much! The beaches in Cebu are nothing compared to the beaches there. Nothing compared to its white sand, blue waters and fresh breeze. But it was the best thing I had at the moment. As I’ve mentioned before, I had summer class so I wasn’t really able to have a vacation. The last time I was at sea before the party was last October 2014, when I went to Bohol because it was someone’s birthday <3! I guess to be able to feel the sea-breeze was also one of the reasons that I went to last week’s event. I really really do miss Bohol. 🙁


(Coast of Pacific Cebu Resort)

Anyway, back to the Acquaintance, I was with Trisha and Djandha in the beach for an hour or so. I couldn’t really stay long because I was sleepless the night before. I went ahead of them, washed up, and returned to our table. It was a tragic thing seeing how darker my skin was after just an hour under the heat. But that really wasn’t my biggest dilemma–I was really exhausted then. But it seemed as though luck was on my side because one of my schoolmates got up from a bean-bag, and I hurriedly took her place. I immediately slept there for an hour or probably more. It felt really good to sleep with the breeze blowing so coolly.


(I know, I know. I am wearing rolled-up sweat pants. I clearly underpacked!)


(Me chilling)

When I woke up, Trisha and I went biking for a few minutes. The resort offers free use of their bikes for a limited time. When you exceed, you have to pay for its rent already. After biking, we walked the boardwalk with Djandha. 




We were gonna walk farther to the end, but it was already 4 PM and we feared that we’d miss the bus home. Truthfully, I thought I’d regret going, but I absolutely enjoyed myself. Overall, the party has been one of the fun experiences I had in college.


(Going home with awful hair)


(A pretty souvenir we all got after the event. A dream catcher keychain)




None of the photos (except the one with the Dreamcatcher) in this blog post belong to me. Credits to Vhea, Trisha, Roy and Enricke.

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