The Happy List Vol. 1

During the second semester of my first year in college (that was in late 2014), I had to stop my studies. We were struggling financially, and though I totally understood our situation… I couldn’t help but think of how lucky and privileged some kids were. I saw my friends posting on social media how much they would’ve loved for the semester to end already. I wanted to tell them that they had no idea what it was like to be stuck at home for more than six months. That was probably the only point in my life where the internet no longer kept me entertained. Everything was plain, flat, BORING. That was also a point in my life where I valued education more than ever. Before then, I never could’ve imagined that I’d someday be deprived of something that most of us just take for granted.

It was also an emotionally-draining experience. I felt terribly insecure and very ashamed of it that I cut myself off from any connection with my friends back in Bohol. I didn’t want them to know because I didn’t want a sympathy vote. I also tried looking for part-time and home-based jobs too, just to help out my parents and myself; and to boost some of my confidence and pride. Despite all that of course, I gotta stay that I bloomed into an even better person than I was before—someone who knew what it meant to work hard plus the gratifying feeling it gives; and someone who was more open-minded.

I have so many things to be grateful for, and so now I’m listing them in this happy list:

  1. Being back in school now, for two semesters consecutively
  2. Earning stellar grades (good enough to receive a fifty-percent tuition fee discount)
  3. All my classes are fun
  4. Meeting more friends
  5. GREAT teachers
  6. Having a flexible schedule so I still get to spend time with my younger siblings
  7. Food and laugh trips with the best person ever!
  8. Still keeping in touch with my best friend, Klea, despite us being always busy
  9. The Rescue” by Nicholas Sparks
  10. OTWOL’s finale!! <3 *sobs*
  11. Having parents who are supportive and always trying their best to provide for us
  12.  Of course, I must never forget… God’s never-ending love and guidance

What’s in your happy list these days?

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